Holon Studios is an interactive entertainment company specializing in Social Casino Mobile Gaming Apps.

Holon Studios is a new technology start-up company based on the Monterey Peninsula. Spearheaded by Stephan Schwirzke, this company was founded by locals who have returned home to Monterey, California, after working many years in Silicon Valley at companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Zynga. Holon Studios is a gaming development company that specializes in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mobile Gaming Apps.

The name, Holon Studios, means that we are a group that comes together effortlessly to create a positive impact for those we serve. Holon is a Greek word that means “whole,” and a holon is something that is both a part and a whole. For example, a holon can be a water droplet that joins with other water droplets to form a puddle of water. Puddles, which are also holons, then form into ponds and so on. Simply by joining together, something new emerges. Our philosophy at Holon Studios shows a desire to effortlessly generate a powerful force through the technology we create and make a positive difference in the communities we serve.

What makes our video games and mobile gaming development special and unique is our three-pronged philosophy. Firstly, we have a well-seasoned team of gaming industry veterans. Secondly, we have a strong desire to bring tech to Monterey and make it a tech hub that keeps local talent from having to commute to Silicon Valley. And thirdly, we focus on developing free-to-play mobile gaming apps. Our vast video game experience and a sincere desire to make users happy, plus our dedication to bringing tech to our community, places the Holon Studios team on a trajectory toward success. Holon Studios creates leading-edge technology that gives users “Tomorrow’s Fun Now.”