About Holon Studios

Our goal is to deliver best in class gaming experiences on mobile and mixed reality platforms.

At Holon Studios, it is our intention to bring new high tech jobs to the Monterey Peninsula and develop exciting new gaming tech for tourist destinations, including Cannery Row. Holon Studios is currently seeking a prime location that will accommodate many families, individuals, and has plenty of nearby parking. The venue we seek will be a safe environment close to popular tourist attractions, where families and individuals can drop in and entertain themselves with interactive video games, VR, AR, and mobile gaming platforms. We are now in the process of narrowing down our top locations and welcome discussions with city leaders.

All too often, startups from outside of our region wish to capitalize on the uniqueness of the Monterey Peninsula, but their business models fall short of sustainability and lack local knowledge of our market. At Holon Studios, we have accredited investors backing our business development plan, and we are seeking more accredited investors to join us for ground-floor opportunities. We are excited to establish a long-lasting technology business on the Monterey Peninsula, a place where many of us grew up and call home.

It is our goal to give back to our community and offer an assortment of high-tech gaming development jobs. We desire to boost our economy by hiring local talent and encourage young people to stay in Monterey to make their careers here. We strongly believe those who live and grow up on the Monterey Peninsula should not feel like they have to leave their childhood homes to seek tech opportunities and financial stability outside of our region.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mobile Gaming are beginning to dominate the global markets. We are excited because we are on the cutting edge of affordable entertainment.

For more information about Holon Studios, our mission, our technology, and our investment opportunities contact marketing@holonstudios.com

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