AR Treasure Hunt

Holon Studios is developing an AR Treasure Hunt game featuring a city near you!

Have you ever played Augmented Reality video games? At Holon Studios, we created an AR Treasure Hunt mobile gaming app that is family-friendly, allows you to interact with historical sites, and to enjoy discounts at participating local businesses. Curious about how we do it?

Holon Studios is launching an Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt that is centered around New Monterey and the Recreation Trail. The goal is to create a Pokemon-Go-style mobile app where people can walk around town, discover cool AR items (like winking statues, moving murals, 3-D virtual characters, and virtual treasure chests), and visit participating businesses.

Our goal is to bring new engagement and awareness to families and individuals visiting Monterey. If successful, we plan to expand our Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt around to other cities on the Peninsula, and perhaps expand it to other tourist destinations around the United States.  

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