Augmented Reality

Augmented reality(AR) is the combination of computer-generated and real-world environments. Many AR games give the player a unique experience in the environment around them by inserting computer-generated characters and objects. It is an exciting trend in video games that let players experience and interact with a whole new world within their own reality!

AR is a steadily growing, innovative trend that offers a whole new, exciting experience to everyone of all ages! More and more people are getting into augmented reality mobile gaming, especially games like Pokemon Go, which have gotten very popular in recent years. One of Holon Studio’s goals is to make augmented reality both a fun and exciting experience, as well as educational.

In a compelling example of augmented reality, tourists will have the opportunity to experience the beauty of Monterey like never before in Holon Studio’s upcoming augmented reality game, Treasure Hunt! This mobile game allows you to walk around the City of Monterey, and interact with virtual in-game items and characters while experiencing and learning about the history of Monterey in a unique way. It can allow tourists to explore the city and its historical attractions and sites and visit local businesses. In the future, once Treasure Hunt takes off, Holon Studios is planning to make similar augmented reality mobile games. These augmented reality mobile games will be tailored to local cities and natural parks as educational tools, enhancing the tourism experience.

Just like with its slot-machine and other mobile gaming apps, Holon Studios is also making it the goal to make augmented reality mobile gaming free-to-play, accessible, and fun for everyone of all ages.

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