Family Gaming Activities

Are you a parent or guardian looking for new, exciting family-friendly gaming activities in Monterey that both you and your kids will enjoy playing? Or do you want to drop your children off in a fun, safe, place that they will enjoy while you and adults to wine-tasting or shopping in Downtown Monterey? Well then stick around as Holon Studios is making plans to bring family gaming activities to the entertainment scene right here in Monterey! These games will include VR arcades and games, AR entertainment, and so much more!

As part of the start-up’s plan to bring exciting gaming activities of various types of all ages, Holon Studios will not only make gaming activities that are just “single-player”, but for everyone in the family! Whether you are a Monterey local or a tourist, Holon Studios is hoping for visitors of Monterey to create the users experiences in these family gaming activities as an addition to the exciting, long-lasting memories to their Monterey experience!

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