Gaming Community

A big part of Holon Studio’s mission is to bring attention to and grow a gaming community right here in local Monterey. It wants to turn Monterey into the next popular hub for gaming and various entertainment technology. Whether you are an avid video gamer or casual mobile gaming user looking to kick back and entertain yourself in puzzle games, Holon Studios believes that a gaming community should all be about enthusiasm for videogames and they can bring into people’s lives!

Stephan and his team want to use the wisdom that they have obtained the history and impressive experience of working with the “big names” of the gaming industry to the Monterey area through Holon Studios.

Holon Studios also wants to foster an accepting gaming community of individuals of various backgrounds and to give people within that community like local indie game developers, game designers and coders the opportunity to showcase their talents!

  • 1595 Josselyn Canyon Road Suite C Monterey, California 93940

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