Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is a combination of both virtual reality and augmented reality elements. Games with mixed reality blend elements of real and virtual reality to create life-like worlds and environments. Physical and virtual elements go hand-to-hand in mixed reality in real-time.

In the growing trend of both VR and AR, more and more game studios are incorporating both VR and AR elements into mixed reality video games. There are also some organizations that are starting to use mixed reality as training tools for specialized occupations and educational outlets. Holon Studios is looking to do just that in their upcoming video games and as well as various other applications in the distant future. 

Sooner than later, this Monterey based gaming company looks to expand their AR, VR, and Mixed Reality technology into other technological industries outside of video games and mobile gaming. As these exciting types of gaming technologies become a huge global trend, Holon Studios is making these video games affordable as they are exciting. 

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