Social Casino

Along with its VR Arcade, Holon Studios has plans to develop a VR Chat-esque “in-person” social casino that feels like you are at an actual casino right from home! In the booming industry of VR, many VR Technology Studios are in the process of creating innovative VR social entertainment sites that feel like you are in a casino, club, bar, an amusement park or anywhere else fun and exciting!

For example, if you live in Monterey using are using VR for a social casino game, you can feel as if you are in Nevada in a casino playing blackjack or pool at a classy bar! There could be a game where you may even feel as if you are in Monterey in the 1800s!

Holon Studios is planning to make social casinos of various kinds for all different age groups, primarily for adults in casino or bar-like settings.

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