Tech Hub In Monterey

Over the past several years, the old town of Monterey has been fostering a slowly growing community of tech and video gaming enthusiasts and developers alike. Like Stephan Schwirzke, many of them have had their start there only to move on to bigger and better opportunities that Monterey was lacking, many of whom found success in the Silicon Valley or in the overall big “Tech Hub” in the Bay Area.  

Stephan and his team are making it a mission to change that.  With the funds from investors and a drive of interest and support from the local community, Holon Studios plans to implement VR technology through various platforms as part of the “Monterey experience”. This includes the release of the Monterey Treasure hunt mobile game and a VR arcade in downtown!

  • 1595 Josselyn Canyon Road Suite C Monterey, California 93940

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